Southsea School of Dancing - Dance School for Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance
How Do I Enrol?
If you would like to find out even more about us, or wish to register your child for classes, then please call the Principal on 02392 828492 between 12-3pm Mon-Friday.
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My 3yr old is starting ballet for the first time - can I stay and watch
The short answer is no!

Our reasons are many. We strongly feel that if a child is not yet ready to leave Mum, then they are not yet ready for our Baby Class. There is no rush and nothing to be lost by waiting another 6 weeks. It must be remembered that we are asking very young children to walk into a new and very different experience and that we should not force the issue.

Also, if we allow one parent then we have to allow all parents! Parents also tend to be a distraction for the child and take up a lot of room!

Also, be assured that your child will be quite safe - we have many years of experience and an appropriate adult to child ratio! We strongly recommend that you stay on the premises for the first few weeks so that if necessary we can find you if needed.

Finally, your child should be confident to request a visit to the toilet when necessary. Someone (either a teacher or one of our student assistants) will always accompany young children to the toilet, but we expect that the child be able to attend to their own clothing etc. It would be a huge help if all could ensure that toilet visits happen wherever possible BEFORE class.

Ultimately - YOU the parent needs to have the confidence to trust in your own childs' confidence
Invoices for termly lesson fees are issued at the beginning of each term via the pupils. Prompt payment is appreciated.

For those new to the school, you are welcome to pay for classes on a weekly basis for a few weeks until you are sure you are comfortable with us. We then would prefer for payment to be made termly.

However, if termly payment is likely to be problematic, then please contact the Principal to discuss alternative arrangements. We will be as accommodating as possible.
What Do You Expect In Terms Of Discipline & Uniform
We pride ourselves on our sense of discipline. By this we mean arriving at class on time, in the correct uniform and with appropriate grooming. All of these things mean we are prepared for the lesson ahead.

We hold regular exam sessions - at least 3 per year in each subject. Therefore, children are entered for examination as and when they are considered to have reached the appropriate standard.

Exams are not compulsory - but we do encourage each and every dancer to work towards them. They give a sense of achievement and a tangible sense of progression. The exams themselves are an enjoyable experience - an occasion to be looked forward to! For further information please see the Exam page of this website
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