Southsea School of Dancing - Dance School for Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance

We consider the study of Classical Ballet to be the starting point for all young dancers 

Baby Ballet
 Children can join our Baby Ballet class from the age of 3. These classes are designed to introduce children to the rudiments of dance and to introduce the joy of moving to music. These classes include lots of mime-based imaginative play, alongside rhythm games and basic ballet technique. The Baby Ballet class helps to build confidence and aids socialisation skills; as well as providing the foundations upon which dance technique is then built.


Childrens Ballet 

Classical Ballet is a supremely beautiful, yet incredibly difficult subject to study. It requires from the outset - if one is to succeed - a particular physical affinity and a huge degree of personal motivation.
If a young dancer, at around the age of 10 is showing the appropriate ability, together with the necessary focus and self-motivation, we might invite that dancer to attend our vocational classes.

Vocational classes are examination based classes which follow the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet syllabi from Intermediate Foundation through to Advanced 2.

Here the dancer is challenged in every way possible and pointe work is introduced. In order to achieve the level of stamina, strength and overall knowledge of the syllabus we recommend at least three ballet classes a week - increasing with ability.

We would emphasise that these classes require serious study - and a great deal of commitment!!

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